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Featured in Gear Solutions Magazine, May 2006

By Russ Wilcutt

The company is a unique combination of old and new, proud of its long history while constantly updating its equipment in order to embrace evolving technologies.

Moore Gear is definitely a family operation, despite the fact that there hasn't been anyone by that name on the premises for nearly half a century. "My father bought the company from Mr. Moore's widow in the late fifties, and since it had been around for decades by then, he decided to keep the name," according to Bill Haag, Sr., president.

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Moore Gear Expands!
March 5, 2009

Moore Gear's commitment to accommodate our customers' growing needs for gears and gear racks propelled our expansion. During the past couple of years, we completed two expansion projects bringing us to a total of about 54,750 square feet of space. We added another 7,500 square feet to the east of our original building. The expansion on the east helped our shipping department. On the west side, we acquired the former Hawthorne industrial facility adjacent to our property. It is a 13,500 square foot building sitting on four and a half acres of level land, which will be used to store surplus machines, stock material and subsequently free up manufacturing space in our original building.

Our expansion was coupled with increased capacity and productivity in several departments, thanks to the acquisition of the latest state-of-the-art CNC equipment. Strengthening our machinery line-up are a CNC gear hobber, CNC hob sharpener, CNC gear checking machine, 10-foot long CNC machining center, CNC gear rack milling machine, and CNC cylindrical grinder.

These latest improvements have equipped us with the necessary firepower to continue to competitively service our customers' gearing requirements.


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